Berlin and Potsdam have become highly attractive locations for innovative enterprises and research facilities. While the capitol has already achieved an international reputation as a top business site, Potsdam is also rapidly developing into a desirable location for knowledge-based firms. This development has triggered a growing demand for workspace. We have chosen the site EUROPARC Dreilinden because of its ideal position between the two cities. Here, we are building up a new modern business campus, which will provide high-quality space for sophisticated knowledge-based enterprises.

BUSINESS-PARK.BVS consists of three buildings in the centre of the property, which surrounds a green leisure area. The campus, with a total of area of approximately 23.500 square meters, provides flexible arrangements for working space on each of the buildings’ seven floors.  The campus is surrounded by the forest of Dreilinden near the Wannsee Lake, but is easily accessible via motorway and public train service.

The three buildings complement each other with service provisions on the ground floors. There, facilities such as conference rooms, gastronomy and leisure areas are in planning. Clients will have a view of Berlin, Potsdam, and Wannsee Lake from the terrace. All three buildings comprise a flexible and modifiable working space, which offers firms and their associates a perfect Work-Life-Balance.

Office space

Generous office spaces are planned for the seven upper floors. The seventh floor is a terrace with a green area, which provides a view across the water and Dreilinden forest.  The floor space can be arranged freely, from 400 sq.m. Up to approx. 1.000 sq.m. per floor. The flexible division grid with
a 1,35 m axis grid allows partitioning for single as well as open-space offices.

Conference area

HAUS I will have a conference area suitable for large company conferences. This area is for common utilization and can be used flexibly.


All three buildings have their own lounges, accessible through the leased areas.
The lounges can be used for meetings or work. The buildings are arranged around the EUROPARC’s water expanses so that BUSINESS-PARK.BVS offers the perfect Work-Life-Balance.


HAUS III will have an area for a cafeteria or other gastronomical facilities.