Haus II

Flexible floor plan layout

HAUS II is the first to go up at BUSINESS-PARK.BVS with
approx. 6.900 sq.m. of office space and a cafeteria on the ground floor. This building will be setting the standards for the entire campus.

The structure of BUILDING II enables the set up of large open offices or single and combination offices. Utiliy access can be  adjusted to every floor plan layout.

Low energy use

The energy supply system of BUILDING II is environmentally sustainable and sets a higher than average standard in energy efficiency and environmental friendliness.

A well-balanced environment

The building has a generous entrance area, which is connected, to the conference area through a lounge. The lounge offers the possibility to receive guests in a relaxed atmosphere as well as a space for informal conversations.


BUSINESS-PARK.BVS provides the enterprise with space for future growth:


The proximity to established and newly founded businesses, which already have their offices in EUROPARC Dreilinden, provides many possibilities for synergies. The same is true for research centers located within reach: the HPI in Potsdam,  the research facilities of the Free University of Berlin (FU) and the Technical University of Berlin (TU), as well as the Fraunhofer-Institute.


The EUROPARC Dreilinden compound is embedded in the Dreilinden Forest – a green oasis between Berlin and Potsdam. Also, the buildings are especially structured to promote a relaxed working environment.


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We refresh regularly the presentation for you. You can download here the current state.


You’re welcome to choose the preferred areas – we have prepared an overview of the  area layouts, including suggestion about the interior.


We are at your disposal with much more information. Don’t hesitate to contact us – we promptly react.